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i-Site - Visitor Information Centre

Wherever you travel in New Zealand it’s always worth popping into the local i-Site Visitor Information Centre. Every person who works at i-SITE is a travel expert for their own home town, so they can help you with useful information or whatever you need to know.

Check Road Conditions

Don’t forget to check road conditions every time you drive in New Zealand. Due to the frequently changing weather there might be some unexpected changes or road closures.

Here’s a useful link to check:

Cash or Card?

Most of the supermarkets, shops etc. accept credit card, but make sure you always have a small amount of cash with you as well. If you plan to visit a local market or a small village you might need cash to pay.

Get ready for your trip!

No matter what season you are travelling in New Zealand, there’s always couple of things you will definitely need during the journey! Here are some tips for you:

Insect Repellent – During summer months there are plenty of sandflies in New Zealand. Use insect repellent to keep them away!

Sun protection – New Zealand sunlight can have high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation can cause skin and eye damage. Use sunscreen – especially in summer.

Warm clothes and blankets


Enough food and water


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The use of tobacco for smoking in New Zealand has been subjected to government regulation for a number of decades. On 10 December 2004, New Zealand became the third country in the world to make all indoor workplaces including bars and restaurants smoke-free.

Smoking is not allowed in any restaurants, bars, casinos, clubs, indoor workplaces, schools and early learning centers and their grounds, playgrounds, on public transports.

Passengers arriving in New Zealand aged 18 or over can currently bring up to 200 cigarettes, 250 grams of tobacco, 50 cigars (or a mixture of all three weighing up to 250 grams) into New Zealand free of duty and GST.


The age for purchasing alcohol in New Zealand is 18. This means anyone who is aged 18 years or over and shows approved ID can enter licensed premises and buy alcohol.

Drinking and driving? 

The Land Transport Act 1998 outlines the legal alcohol limits for drivers.

  • Drivers under 20 years – zero.

The legal drink drive limit for drivers under 20 years of age is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of zero.

  • Drivers 20 years and over – 250 mcg breath or 50mg blood.

The legal drink drive limits for drivers 20 years and over are a breath alcohol limit of 250 micrograms (mcg) of alcohol per litre of breath and a blood alcohol limit of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

Alcohol duty-free allowance

You’re allowed to bring in some alcohol duty-free:

  • 4.5 litres of wine or beer, and
  • 3 bottles of spirits or liqueur — each bottle can hold up to 1.125 litres.

If you bring more than 3 bottles of spirits or liqueur, you’ll have to pay a fee, even if it’s less than 3.375 litres (the total amount you can bring in 3 bottles).

For example, if you bring in 5 bottles of spirits that hold 500 millilitres each, or 2.5 litres in total, you’ll have to pay a fee.

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